Wings. Beer. Sports.

One of my favorite companies to buy from and follow on social media is based on two of my favorite things: food and sports. Buffalo Wild Wings understands sports fans on so many levels. I still remember my first experience at B-Dubs, I was amazed by all the different football games displayed on the numerous TV’s and the food, especially the fried pickles, was delicious. Since my first Buffalo Wild Wings experience I have been hooked on everything about them. When one goes to B-Dubs they feel as though they’re part of a sporting community.

Buffalo Wild Wings has an entertaining and humorous social media presence, where you can’t help but share and retweet their statuses. They are consistent in sharing the same content on both Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. Unfortunately I have not witnessed B-Dubs responding back to followers on these social media platforms like I have with food companies such as Chili’s and Chipotle. One of the most enjoyable ways Buffalo Wild Wings advertises with is their commercials, which is why I love their YouTube Channel. In addition to their comical and witty ads they currently are running a video series called, Fandamentals. In this series, “The Coach” trains sports fans how to watch March Madness like a pro. He has different lessons called, “Multi-task training, Cinderella Spotting, Winning Gracefully and Celebration Success.” All of the videos are light and entertaining and are just one of the many reasons why I love B-Dubs.


Some of favorite Facebook statuses. Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook.

Some of favorite Facebook statuses. Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook.

Their brand is excellent when it comes to timeliness and sports knowledge, but they can improve their social media presence by joining Instagram and by responding more to customer comments. Buffalo Wild Wings has a loyal cliental, which means consumers, (like myself) would love to see them on all major social media platforms. I get onto Instagram daily on several occasions and definitely wouldn’t mind seeing their photos on there. I also find it important for companies to respond and engage with followers on Facebook and Twitter. Although they do a great job at having contests prizes they are giving away for March Madness, I think they should be just as active when it comes to customers and their suggestions or even complaints .With the improvement of social media engagement they would be perfection in my eyes. After all, Wings, Beer, Sports have been the perfect recipe for success.


Photo Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook.

Photo Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook.


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